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How Community Partners Like You Are Helping Build a Stronger Community
Through our Community Impact work, your continuing involvement with the United Way will help create lasting change. Your expertise, energy and relationships are vital resources, since Community Impact is an effort that’s owned by the entire community. We promise to direct those resources to efforts that target the underlying causes of issues that affect our community – and which deliver measurable, long-term results.

United Way’s agency partners are doing great work every day, and there will always be a need for basic needs and prevention and development programs. But Community Impact takes that work one step further. Working together with a broad range of community partners – partner agencies, schools, faith-based groups, businesses, energized individuals, local government and more – we’re seeking results that no one can accomplish alone,


What is Community Impact?

  • Improving the lives of all people affected by the community’s issues – not just clients of programs funded by United Way.
  • Pinpointing the root causes of problems that threaten our community – developing strategies and partnerships to change them.
  • Working in a multi-faceted role with whatever partners can play a role in changing community conditions.
  • Going beyond the annual campaign to create long-term, ongoing relationships with diverse community investors.


How Does My Pledge and United Way Improve Lives?

Improving lives is difficult, complicated work, usually accomplished through multiple services at multiple organizations.  In short, it takes everyone working together to strengthen our community.  When you support Catawba County United Way, you help bring together the people and organizations who have the passion, expertise and resources needed to make change happen.


Creating Change for Our Future

For 71 years, Catawba County United Way has been doing significant work in our community.  To create a long-term sustainable change, we are focusing our efforts in the areas of Education, Income and Health with outcomes that will ultimately create a more vital, more stable and better community in which to live and work.   Success will be determined by community goals in these areas rather than by how much money we raise while still remaining committed to the basic needs of our community--food, shelter, rent and utilities.


Thanks to Your Support:

We helped thousands of people in Catawba County last year.  By donating to the Community Impact Fund, or to where your passion lies in Education, Income or Health, you'll make a difference--perhaps for a neighbor, a colleague, a friend, but ultimately for all of Catawba County.


 In the last year alone:

  • 1,539 women and children were served by a domestic violence program.
  • 19,837 days of adult day care were provided to elderly and disabled adults.
  • 1,422 persons, over the age of 60, received nutritious meals delivered to their home.
  • 19,387 nights of shelter and 44,989 meals were provided to shelter residents and other indigent people in the community.
  • 18,613 individuals received crisis financial assistance for rent, mortgage and utilities.
  • 4.568 children age 0-5 received free books once a month512 children were provided safe, affordable afterschool & summer programs                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                    and many more.


When you give, your donation not only combines with others, it also encourages other funding sources (grants, foundations, government agencies) to contribute, allowing the Community Impact Fund to make even more of a difference in Catawba County.


  • $10 a week will provide:

        -   two lunches and a local field trip for one child in summer camp.

        -   36 hours of services to a domestic violence victim i.e. shelter, court advocacy, counseling.

        -   17 days of care to an elderly or disabled adult to allow family members to work.

  • $5 a week will provide:

        -    one week of  afterschool care for a child.

        -    ten children free books for one year.

        -    food for four families for a month.

  • $2 a week will provide:

           two meals a day to an individual at the homeless shelter.

        -    a non-insured person in transitional housing with one prescription.

        -    a month of meals for a senior citizen.










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